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Please let us know if you need to make any changes to your personal profile page.  Please note: most of this information will be public on your page, however your email address will be hidden.  The general public can communicate with you via email using the form on your page.

    Please use this form if you wish to make changes to your Bio page on our site. You can replace any of the info or add/remove pictures. If we already have your pictures, no need to resend. You can add any instruction you wish at bottom.

    Do you accept commissions?

    Please upload a photo of yourself (optional) plus up to a maximum of 4 photos of your work for us to publish with your bio on our website. Your photos must not exceed 3 MB each in size. If you have provided a web page or social media site and prefer we pick 3 or 4 images from there, you do not need to upload any files. All work should be acceptable for public viewing. No nudity, politics, religion or violence please.