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Instructor: Angela Elizabeth Hardy

We are very fortunate to have a great lineup of workshops with Angela Hardy in 2024
Angela’s Bio:
On Facebook angelahardyfineart
On Instagram  ang2art

List of all planned Angela Hardy workshops for 2024

**Pre-Register FIRST by email sent to tr*******@lo********************.ca.
Once registration is confirmed, etransfer $50 fee to tr*******@lo********************.ca
Each workshop is limited to 12 participants.  You can register for any workshop in advance.
After the payment deadline is passed, non-members may be considered with fee of $60.

Jan. 20, 2024Bold & Expressive, Representational Abstract Painting – completed

Feb. 24, 2024Fresh Perspective Still Life Painting (Acrylic) DETAILS BELOW
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by Feb 10

March 16, 2024Creating colorful, bold, dramatic landscapes and skyscapes Acrylic
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by Mar 2

April 27,2024The Fine Art of Quick Sketches & Doodling
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by Apr 13

May 25, 2024Birds Watercolour
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by May 11

June 29, 2024Miniature Botanical Painting
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by June 15

July 27, 2024Miniature Landscape Painting
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by July 13

Aug 31, 2024Studying the Human Form: Understanding and Capturing the Quick Gesture.
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by Aug 17

Sept. 21, 2024Portraits in Watercolour, Acrylic, Gouache
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by Sept 7

Oct 26, 2024Learning to Improve your Art by Studying the Drawings, Colour Palette and Paintings of the Great Masters
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by Oct 12

Nov 23, 2024Painting our Feathered Friends (Acrylic)
**Payment AFTER confirmed registration of $50 is due by Nov 9


NEXT WORKSHOP: Saturday, February 24th, 2024

9:00am to 4:00pm
Collip Circle, Western Convergence Centre

Instructor Angela Hardy

 ‘Fresh Perspective Still Life’ (Acrylic)

Cost $50 for members, non-members ($60 if there are openings after due date)

Members Payment due by Wed, Feb. 10th  

REGISTER WITH THE TREASURER – email your request to: tr*******@lo********************.ca

After your registration is confirmed, you will be asked to send payment to tr*******@lo********************.ca

ANGELA HARDY – Materials/Supply List
One-day workshops:
Feb. 24, 2024 – Fresh Perspective Still Life Painting (Acrylic)

Artists beginner to advanced. Let’s break out of the traditional concept of still life painting and composition. You will learn to view compositions and subject matters from fresh perspectives. Envision imagery as you had not consider before. Learn how to arrange, crop and light your still life set up. Then effectively sketch in and color block your painting so that you have a solid foundation to build upon.

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”~Vincent Van Gogh

-Bring 1 canvas – choose from 11 x 14, 12×16 or 12×12 (art supply store or dollar store has these available)
-you will need surfaces to do smaller quick studies on:
canvas boards or illustration board also works
or heavyweight multi media paper watercolour paper pad (art supply store or dollar store has these)
**I will provide the still life set up.
** you will need a camera phone that you can view the image on, so please bring a smart phone or pad. I will help you learn how to take basic reference images to have handy will also working from the live still life set up.
You will learn to do quick sketches, color studies and quick painted studies, then choose 1 for the final paintings on canvas.
Acrylic paints
student/artist grade/quality * these are suggestions.
Recommendations for student/artist quality:
Liquitex Basics and Amsterdam Acrylics are good student level

Individual colours I recommend:
*Primary Cyan Blue
*Ultramarine or Cobalt Blue
*Alizarin Crimson or Primary Magenta
*Cadmium Red Deep or pyrrole Red
*Permanent Blue Violet (purple)
*Yellow Ochre
*Cadmium Yellow Medium or Azo yellow medium
*Raw Umber
*Burnt Umber
*Sap Green
*Phthalocyanine or Emerald Green
*Ivory Black
*Naples Yellow Deep
*Titanium White
*Unbleached Titanium

Or you can purchase Kits that you can get at *Michaels craft and art supplies that cover all you basic colors (*don’t forget you often download a 30% off coupon)
-(this is my preferred set with a good range) Amsterdam Standard Series 24 Colour General Selection Acrylic Paint Set $59.99
-24 Colour Acrylic Paint Set by Artist’s Loft™ $26.99
-Pébéo Studio Acrylics High Viscosity Paint 20 Color Set $39.99
-Walmart also sells some Acrylic paint sets, check to make sure they have a decent range of colours based on the above list)
Brushes synthetic/nylon:
**Please ensure you have some larger brushes ranging from 1-2 inches
-Filberts and Flats small and med 3/4 to 1 inch wide
-A large up to approx 1 1/2 to 2 inch brush (hog hair bristle brush will do)
-A few small rounds for line and detail work.
You can find a set of
White Synthetic Brushes Fundamentals™ by Artist’s Loft™ available at Micheals, they workwell. $7.99
You can also find decent sets at the Dollar store
Artist palette of your choice.
Can also be a plastic trays or plates (Dollar store)
Small spray bottle for water (Dollar store)
Paper towels (Dollar store)
Painters tape (Dollar store)
A black ultra fine tip Sharpie marker (Dollar store)
A sketch pad with some sketch/drawing pencils HB to B range and a white vinyl eraser. (Dollar store)
If you prefer a small desktop easel please bring it.
You can also work flat on the table.
*a spare hairdryer is always handy. I will have 2.
* bring lunch, snacks, drinks/water