London Community Artists

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Things you should know about membership:

  • Membership space is limited.  At this time we do have a small waiting list.  Spaces may become available in January/February.  Consider applying so you can be added to the wait list.  No fee payment is needed until you are invited to join.
  • Membership dues are $40 per year.  Participation in workshops and events may have additional fees.
  • We are only accepting members from London, Ontario and immediate surrounding area.  You should live no further than 50km of London (approximately 30 minute drive)
  • Workshops and events are currently being held via Zoom meetings online on the second monday of each month at 7pm.
  • We plan to have opportunities for members to offer their artwork for sale at both live and online events throughout the year.
  • Please Note:  We will only be accepting artists who create “2 dimensional” artwork that can be hung on a wall at this time.
  • By submitting the form below, you agree that would like us to promote you and your work by publishing your name, bio, website or social media site and photos of your artwork to our website and social media page.  You may request removal or edits at any time.
  • PLEASE do use filenames that identify you and the artwork Title.   (joe-smith-summer-sunset.jpg instead of 20191526_24563.jpg) so we can attach a correct name to your artwork.  You may submit 4 photos of artwork and 1 photo of yourself.

    LCA is a volunteer-run organization! Please indicate all areas of interest below. (required)

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    Do you accept commissions?

    Please upload a photo of yourself (optional) plus up to a maximum of 4 photos of your work for us to publish with your bio on our website. Your photos must not exceed 3 MB each in size. If you have provided a web page or social media site and prefer we pick 3 or 4 images from there, you do not need to upload any files. All work should be acceptable for public viewing by all ages and will be posted online when you become a member. No explicit nudity, politics, religion or violence please.

    Already a member? Click button below to enter private members area. If you need the password, please request it from one of the executive – contact us here.