London Community Artists

We are a group of artists from London, Ontario or surrounding area who meet monthly. In addition, we hold one or more art shows . If you would like to know more about any of our artists, events planned, or would like to know more about joining LCA, please contact us!

The purpose of the London Community Artists:

  • To share in the appreciation of original art;
  • To provide opportunities to develop artistic techniques through encouragement, discussion, study, experimentation and practice;
  • To provide opportunities to increase knowledge and skill through guests, excursions, forums, workshops and events;
  • To act as a support group with a common interest in the art world;
  • To increase public awareness of art in the London and Surrounding Areas through various media and public relation

To this end, we have several community initiatives in place.  These are summarized below.

Cherryhill Mall Display

Cherryhill Mall Art Display

Did you know we have a our gallery at Cherryhill Village Mall has been expanded to 8 display cases now? Have a look the next time you are in the mall!  The display is in the corridor located next to Shoppers Drug Mart heading back towards Bulk Barn and the Passport Office.  We rotate the display every 5 weeks with between 8 and 16 artists at a time.  With 75 members, there is always a variety of beautiful art to admire. Visit in person or view online at our Photo Gallery.  If you see something you like, feel free to contact the artists via their Artist Profile page.  All the artists pages can be found here.  We would like to thank the management at Cherryhill Village Mall for this opportunity to showcase our amazing artists!

Western Research Park Display

Healing Through Nature Project at LHSC


London Community Artists have been invited to display works of art at the Sick Children’s Hospital PICCU (Pediatric Intensive Critical Care Unit) at the Commissioners and Wellington Road location. Their vision is to bring colourful outdoor scenery into spaces that are otherwise very clinical at a time when many families are full of anxiety and unable to leave their sick child’s bedside.  They are not available to be viewed in person by the public but you may view them here.


Our annual art show is held every November. Please sign up for our newsletter if you would receive would like to hear about other opportunities to future shows (very low number of emails sent).

Judges Choice Awards
Art Show 2023

February 2024 Art Challenge

Topic:   Celebrations

Tina Rae - Art Challenge Winner - Feb 2024

Tina Rae – Winner – Feb 2024

Congratulations to Tina Rae who was selected winner by our members this month!   Second place was Lisa Chiborak and third place was Kris Popiolek.

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