Cherryhill Village Mall Community Gallery - Submission Form

    Please submit your information and fee payment no later than 2 weeks before your scheduled display date so tags that accompany your artwork can be printed and we can complete your registration. The deadlines will be firm with one courtesy call and 24 hour grace period - first for payment, then for submission. If the artist does not pay or submit after the courtesy call within 24 hours, they are eliminated from that group and the lottery will be run for those in that group who had responded they were interested in any extra space.

    Display dates are subject to change. Please check for the most current schedule here.:

    We won't be asking for photos to be submitted, once your artwork is placed in the cabinet, we'll capture a photo to post online.

    You may display any number of pieces that can be displayed in your 42 x 42 inch space within the display cabinet. Each piece must be equipped with a wire for hanging purposes (no hooks or other hanging methods allowed). At this time, only 'ready-to-hang' art is accepted, (no unframed art in plastic sleeves). Once placed into the display case at Cherryhill Village Mall, you will not be able to remove the artwork for the duration of the display. There will be a $20 fee payable to London Community Artists for displaying your artwork during your 5 week display period.

    Artwork Guidelines: This is a public Mall area so work should be acceptable for public viewing by all ages. No nudity, politics, religion or violence please.

    If you have any questions, please email

    The tag can display ONE of the following: website, social media link, email or phone number. There will also be a default email address posted so that interested parties can contact LCA and we will forward their communication to you.

    First Piece

    Second Piece

    Third Piece

    Fourth Piece

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    Sixth Piece

    Seventh Piece

    Eighth Piece

    Submission Fees

    The $20.00 fee will be due two weeks prior to the start of each display period. Payment can be made by e-transfer to . For alternate payment arrangements please contact Joan Hall via the same email address.