Cherryhill Village Mall Community Gallery - Submission Form

    Please submit your participation reply and fee payment and label information by the due dates provided in your Group email, so we can complete your registration. The participation and payment deadlines are firm and if they are missed, you are eliminated from that group and the lottery will be run for those in that group interested in any extra space.

    Display dates are subject to change. Please check for the most current schedule here.:

    We won't be asking for photos to be submitted, once your artwork is placed in the cabinet, we'll capture a photo to post online.

    You may display any number of pieces that can be displayed in your 42 x 42 inch space within the display cabinet. Each piece must be equipped with a wire for hanging purposes (no hooks or other hanging methods allowed). At this time, only 'ready-to-hang' art is accepted, (no unframed art in plastic sleeves). Once placed into the display case at Cherryhill Village Mall, you will not be able to remove the artwork for the duration of the display. There is a $10 fee payable to London Community Artists for displaying your artwork during your 5 week display period. (Exception: the 2024 Square Foot Show in July will have no fees.)

    Artwork Guidelines: This is a public Mall area so work should be acceptable for public viewing by all ages. No nudity, politics, religion or violence please.

    If you have any questions, please email

    The tag can display ONE of the following: website, social media link, email or phone number. There will also be a default email address posted so that interested parties can contact LCA and we will forward their communication to you.

    If you have more than 8 pieces for your space, please resubmit the remaining pieces using another submission form.

    First Piece

    Second Piece

    Third Piece

    Fourth Piece

    Fifth Piece

    Sixth Piece

    Seventh Piece

    Eighth Piece

    Submission Fees

    The $10.00 fee will be due two weeks prior to the start of each display period. Payment can be made by e-transfer to For alternate payment arrangements please contact Joan Hall via the same email address.


    London Community Artists’ offer members an opportunity to display their artwork at a number of different locations within the community.

    The opportunity to display artwork is a benefit of membership, not a right. We are fortunate to have partnerships available to conduct these displays, and interested members must do their part to participate fully in these partnerships.

    What does “participate fully” mean?
    It means that:

    1. Applications for entry into the various displays where London Community Artists’ offer artwork for sale must be completed fully and submitted by the identified deadline. This includes responding to email notifications about upcoming displays.
    2. Artwork must be delivered to the site where it will be displayed ontime, and ready to be hung. For example, all artwork must be wired correctly on the back; the medium it was prepared in must be dry, and; the artwork must be in good condition (no rips, tears or stains)
    3. The artist, or their representative, must pick up the artwork from the site during the time frame specified. If a representative is dropping off or picking up artwork, either a phone number or e-mail contact information must be provided to the committee in advance.

    Failure to meet the guidelines specified above will result in the following

    1. For the first violation: A warning will be issued
    2. For the second violation: The artwork will NOT be hung, and the entry fee will be forfeited for the display
    3. For the third violation: The artist will forfeit the right to display their artwork at any display where London Community Artists’ offer artwork for sale for 12-months from the date of the third violation – this includes the Annual Art Show and Sale.


    1. Violations will be reported to the LCA Partnership Coordinator by the Chair of the affected committee. When a member has violated these guidelines three times, the LCA Partnership Coordinator will contact the President and members of the Executive for approval to proceed with the 12-month suspension.
    2. The decision of the Executive is final, and the suspension affects all current LCA displays and the Annual Art Show and Sale.

    These issues can be avoided if the member takes the following steps if unable to deliver and/or pick up your artwork at the designated time:

    • Contact a committee member IN ADVANCE to make alternate arrangements if you are ill, or you have a scheduling conflict,
    • Have someone you know make the delivery or pick up the artwork for you
    • Ask the committee if the artwork can be dropped off to a member of the committee in advance and hung for you, or if a committee member can pick up the artwork for you after the display is over
    • If these options are not available, consider withdrawing your entry from the display

    We have a number of individuals within our organization who volunteer their time to ensure that you have the opportunity to display your artwork. Following the guidelines set out above will ensure that their time and dedication is respected.