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Please use link below to register for any of the scheduled 5-week time slots.

Cherryhill Village Mall Gallery featuring London Community Artists


Please be sure to review all of the procedures and information below.


You can check the schedule below to view when you are scheduled to display.  If you need to request a change, please contact us at

View Full 12 month Schedule with Names and Dates Here (pdf)

Group 2:  Apr 2 to May 7
Joan Hall, Heather Peel, Marlene Linton, Lisa Chiborak, Sheri Hol, Maurice Gareau,

Group 3:  May 7 to June 11 (deadline to submit:  April 23)
Jane Thuss, Karen Cullaton, Therese Grawey, Elizabeth Layng, April McCarthy-Braca, Pat Walker, Nanette Thierry, Judy Lovell, Susan Boudreau-Ryan, Carolyn Crowe

Group 4:  June 11 to July 16 (deadline to submit:  May 28)
Chris Allaway, Jerry Cutting, Sherri Friesman, Anca Dimoff, Tina Rae, Leslie Malota, Deno Gettes, Tamara Shturba, Charlene Tulloch, Bill Bromilow

Group 5:  Jul 16 to Aug 20 (deadline to submit: Jul 2) – see current schedule for names
Group 6:  Aug 20 to Sep 24 (deadline to submit:  Aug 6) – see current schedule for names
Group 7:  Sep 24 to Oct 29  (deadline to submit :Sep 10) – see current schedule for names
Group 8:  Oct 29 to Dec 3 (deadline to submit: Oct 15) – see current schedule for names
Group 9:  Dec 3 to Jan 7 (deadline to submit: Nov 19) – see current schedule for names
Group 10:  Jan 7 to Feb 11 (deadline to submit: Dec 24) – see current schedule for names

Cherryhill Mall DISPLAY GROUP PROCEDURES – Update March 5, 2022

1-Participation Questionnaire
The relevant Group participation questionnaire will be emailed one month prior to the group start date. Please review the complete email carefully – this questionnaire includes all deadlines and an outline of what is required.  A response to this questionnaire is needed as soon as possible.
A reminder email will be sent to those who have not responded, one week prior to the payment deadline.

A courtesy call attempt will be made the day of the payment deadline and the participant will have 24 hours to pay.
If there is no payment within that 24 hour grace period, that artist is eliminated from the group and a lottery (see item 4-Lottery) participant will be chosen and advised of their win, and asked to pay the additional fee for the extra space.
(A notice will be sent to the person who didn’t pay saying they have forfeited their spot in that group due to non-payment.)

3-Submission of pieces for display (for label preparation)
A reminder of the submission due date will be emailed 2 days prior to the submission deadline.
A courtesy call attempt will be made the day of the deadline, and the artist will have 24 hours to submit (using the LCA website Cherryhill submission online form).
If there is no submission within the 24 hour grace period, the artist is eliminated from the group and a lottery (see item 4-Lottery) participant will be chosen and advised of their win, and asked to pay the additional fee for the extra space.
(A notice will be emailed to the person who didn’t submit advising they have forfeited their spot in the group due to non-submission. A decision about the prepaid space fee will be made by the committee on an individual basis.

4-Lottery for extra display space
As noted above, if for some reason one of the 10 people in the Group will not be participating, we will have extra space in the cabinets.
This extra space will be offered to those in the Group who have answered YES in their Questionnaire to “display additional pieces”. Once we have responses from everyone in the Group, and extra space is available, the names of those who want to participate in the lottery to use extra space will have their names put into a “hat” and a name will be drawn. The person whose name is drawn is notified and is asked to verify they will take the extra space. They then remit the additional $20 for the extra space (see 2-Payment) and submit the additional pieces (see 2-Submission) as soon as possible.

SUMMARY: The deadlines will be firm with one courtesy call and 24 hour grace period – first for payment, then for submission. If the artist does not pay or submit after the courtesy call within 24 hours, they are eliminated from that group and the lottery will be run for those in that group who had responded they were interested in any extra space.



Overall Process and Requirements

As per our January 2021 general meeting, London Community Artists has entered into a relationship with Cherry Hill Mall allowing members of LCA to display their artwork in designated display cases. These cases will be located in the hallway leading to the Passport Office. The purpose of this letter is to inform our members about the process and requirements of this opportunity.

  • Wooden cases with plexiglass fronts will be installed in the hallway leading to the Passport Office .
  • Display cases will be 4’ tall and 8’ long and 5” deep.
  • Display cases will open awning style and be locked while in use.
  • A black wooden rail system will be installed inside each display case with special fittings to hang artwork.
  • Artists in good standing will be selected at random to display their work for a 5 week duration.
  • Each artist will have an area 42” X42” to display their artwork. There is no limit to the number of pieces as long as it is within the space assigned.
  • Artwork will be no deeper than 3” in order to fit in the display case.
  • Artwork must be wired and ready to hang. (Wire is preferred due to the hanging system.)
  • Artwork will be changed out once every 5 weeks.
  • Artists will be required to deliver their artwork to Cherry Hill Mall at a scheduled time.
  • Artists will be required to pick up their artwork at Cherry Hill Mall at a scheduled time at the end of the 5 week period.
  • Any artwork SOLD must remain in the display case until the end of the 5 week period.
  • Artists will pay a flat fee of $20.00 to LCA to display their artwork no later than 2 weeks prior to installation date. No commission will be charged on SOLD artwork.



Cherryhill Grand Opening – Update January 22, 2022

Hello Everyone,

Due to government Covid 19 restrictions the Official Launch of the Cherryhill project has been pushed back until February  5th.

We will be installing the art as scheduled on Thursday, January 27th between 3:00pm and 6:00pm.  Please bring your art to Cherryhill mall during that time, but remember that the mall closes right at 6:00 pm. The display cases are installed and we have volunteers in place to make this installation a success.

If you enter the mall on the Oxford Street side next to Shoppers Drug Mart, jog right into the hallway leading to the Passport Office.

If you are unable to deliver your art during the above times please contact the Cherryhill team to make other arrangements at

Thank you Everyone,

The Cherryhill Project Team.



Cherryhill Grand Opening

January 2, 2022

Dear LCA members,

Happy New Year!! We hope that you have all enjoyed your holiday season and are looking forward to 2022

We are excited to be moving forward with the Cherryhill Project and we are excited to be able to give all our members an opportunity to participate in the grand opening of this project. The grand opening celebration is currently scheduled for January 29th.

If you haven’t already filled out and submitted the form for your artwork to be included in the grand opening of the project please see the CherryHill update in the Members Only section of our website dated December 22, 2021. The grand opening artwork will be displayed for three weeks and there will be no charge for this initial period. Delivery dates and times will be decided on shortly and we will send out a short email with the details.

Each member will be allowed to display one piece of art measuring no larger than 15” x 15”. These measurements are the maximum allowed due to the space available. For example 14” x 10” is allowed, 15” X 15” is allowed, 10” X 16” is NOT allowed. This size restriction is only for this grand opening period. All artwork MUST be wired and ready to hang. No artwork in crystal clear bags will be accepted.
Please complete your submission form by January 19th, 2022 at 4:00pm. No late submissions will be accepted.

To gear up for the regular rotation of the Cherryhill Project, please review the attached schedule and make note of the 5 week period you are to display your work. If the scheduled time does not work for you, please let us know as soon as possible. The Cherryhill Team will work to fill that spot and reschedule you at an alternate time.

As a reminder, during the regular schedule, each member will have a 42” X 42” area to display as many pieces of their art that will fit within that space. The cost to participate is $20.00 for the 5 week period and each member will have approximately 2, 5 week periods per year. The $20.00 fee will be due one week prior to the start of your display period. Payment can be made by e-transfer to . For alternate payment arrangements please contact Joan Hall via the website. We have attached the previous letter detailing the program from March 2021 for you to review. Change over of the artwork at the end and the beginning of each 5 week period will be scheduled with the artists.

We will follow all health recommendations due to Covid and will keep you informed as information becomes available. We are optimistic that there will be no further delays with this project.

Thank you all for your patience and continued enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing your beautiful work.

The Cherryhill Mall Committee