April McCarthy-Braca

Artist Statement

My work is primarily transparent watercolour and ink and is an expression of my passion for quiet beauty and joyful moments. I grew up in Ontario Canada and although my experiences have taken me far and wide and my subject matter is quite diversified, it is my love for the Canadian Shield landscape that inspires me the most. I feel a strong connection to the land and the seasons, the creatures that inhabit it, and the vegetation that thrives in this unusual terrain. I love the quiet small-town main streets, the farms, and the people who live in love in these places.

My paintings are an expression of my love and gratitude for this land, the family and friends that share these experiences, and the magical healing it has on my soul. My style is representational while trying to preserve its true essence. It is my desire that whomever views my work finds their senses responding to the colour and light and can enjoy an experience that leaves an imprint.


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