Thérèse Grawey

Therese GraweyArtist Statement

Thérèse has been living in London Ontario for three decades. She has also lived in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. She is a retired elementary school teacher who enjoyed exploring various art forms with her students. She has always had a personal interest in art, but watching the exuberance with which her students approached art has been a source of inspiration and a catalyst for her.

Thérèse is a self taught artist although she completed a couple art courses at the University of Alberta during her undergraduate studies. She has since developed her skills by observation, reading tutorial art books, using on-line resources and by experimentation. She works mainly with acrylic on stretched canvas. Her landscapes explore scenes from time spent camping and canoeing in Northern Ontario as well as from the Northwest Territories.

Her love of autumn colors, bright blue skies, sparkling water, brilliant sunsets shows in her work. Thérèse also uses reference photos from gardening and travelling for her paintings. She enjoys visiting art shows, art galleries and museums.


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