Katherine Davidson

Artist Statement

My professional history is in health and education, and creating in one way or another has been a lifelong interest. In 2005, I began my exploration of the visual arts. I studied watercolours with Hilda Markson Gray in London, and I have participated in countless workshops and courses.

I now describe myself primarily as an eclectic watercolourist; my techniques and subjects are diverse. I employ methods such as wet on dry, wet on wet, negative painting, fractured painting, or line and wash for example. My subject matter is often influenced by the nature that surrounds my rural home, interests such as sailing and travel, or the environs of a plein-air site. As I continue to learn about a range of media, I expect that my materials will eventually also vary. Creating my impression of the details and colours of what I see is forever a challenge and a profound source of pleasure.

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