Karen Cullaton

 Artist Statement

It is the transformation that happens in the art studio that attracts Karen, the creative process being very much an exercise of the heart. A dedicated alcohol ink artist, Karen continues to enjoy the free flowing energy and vibrancy of the alcohol ink. Her art practice also continuously evolves as she is always curious to try new mediums and styles, an amazing energy experienced each time she tries something new. Influenced by her love of the woodlands, her new interest in printmaking has invited the unexpected: eco printed botanical images appear using combinations of tannins, mordants, and colour shifters; cyanotype blue forests develop under the UV light of the sun; lino-cut images emerge from the ink on a carving block. Part mystery, part craft, part science the art is truly one of a kind. As each of the images slowly emerge, revealing only subtle glimpses of the natural landscape, the wonder of childhood is revisited……..Karen is a member of the London Community Artists (LCA) group. Examples of her work can be viewed at LCA exhibits and shows and on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Emerging-Grace-the-Art-of-Karen-Cullaton-422071255305172
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kcullatonart/


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