Joana Popet

Artist Statement

Hello, I’m Joana, a visual storyteller painting with acrylic mediums.

I paint from a small home studio (Joana’s Painting Studio), located in Forest City, London, Ontario, Canada.

I am a member of Ginger Cook’s Fine Art and Acrylic painting Academy and have been creating art since 2019. I first began painting as a form of therapy and self healing. Then, I had the opportunity and privilege to acquire more knowledge and be mentored by the American master acrylic artist Ginger Cook. After that, I became hooked on creating an original diverse portfolio of my works.

As you browse through my portfolio you will see my love for bold and bright color pallets, my admiration of animals, and the influence of pop art and impressionism. My favourite artists are Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Ginger Cook, and Georgia O’Keeffe.

I take commissions for a variety of subjects such as pets/animals, landscapes/nature, houses/properties, and in some cases human portraits.

A large part of my work is dedicated to creating unique, colourful custom pet portraits. My greatest satisfaction has been seeing the reaction of my customers upon unveiling their commissioned painting and seeing their real emotions that come from owning a forever portrait of a beloved animal or a painting of a special place or subject.

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