Heather Peel

Artist Statement

I love to learn new and creative ways to create art whether it’s abstract acrylics to very detailed, realistic watercolour paintings.  Man-made structures such as windmills and old houses as a focal point are my favourite.  I have been pushing myself to paint more people and animals in my work as well.    

Currently, my favourite medium is watercolour but I am feeling the itch to get back into my acrylics again.  I really would like to do some work in Alcohol inks as well.  I find watercolour is the most challenging and rewarding medium for me to work in.  

Whatever I paint, I have to have a real connection with the subject.  Most often, I paint from reference photos that my husband or I have taken.  This has led to many impromptu adventures to look for inspiration.  Sometimes, there is beauty or at least interest in mundane objects or places.   I would say I spend at least as much time considering what I will paint next as I do actually painting it! 

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