Dennis Major


“I started painting watercolours in 2017. I’m attached to watercolour as it’s my feeling that, while it’s a more difficult medium, it offers a greater range to be creative. Of course that’s simply and only my feeling – I’m sure acrylic or oil painters would say the same of their chosen medium.

I always had an urge for the creative process, but like many, I didn’t act on that feeling early on when I should have. I have wondered what attracts me to drawing and painting. On the face of it, painting seems to be a simple activity more suited to children and that should be put aside as an adult.

Of course that’s not the case – paintings all the way from those found on pre-historic cave walls to now demonstrate that painting and art have always had and still have significant psychic and spiritual value. Well executed paintings is one way to put a lie to the premise the we and our universe are ‘nothing but’ at least that is one of a number of reasons for why I paint.”




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