Denise Donais


Denise’s need to express an appreciation and wonder of nature has inspired her Second Act as a visual artist. After her retirement from education, she discovered the enjoyment and fulfillment of putting paint to canvas. Initial works began in 2018 and with the support of various resources, art retreats and enthusiastic families and friends, her art expression with the use of acrylics and watercolour began to evolve. Currently, the use of bright, vivid colours are used to capture the beauty of Canadian landscapes. She is especially inspired by Gordon Harrison’s use of bold, unconventional colours in landscapes. From her studio in Byron, she finds solace in rendering images to entice others to recall or explore and appreciate the beauty in our local and regional scenery. She recently was honoured with an opportunity to display her work, The Language of Old Growth, at the ArtComp 22, 100 Kellogg’s Lane, London.

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