Healing Through Nature Project at LHSC

Featuring our own London Community Artists!


London Community Artists have been invited to display works of art at the Sick Children’s Hospital PICCU (Pediatric Intensive Critical Care Unit) at the Commissioners and Wellington Road location. Their vision is to bring colourful outdoor scenery into spaces that are otherwise very clinical at a time when many families are full of anxiety and unable to leave their sick child’s bedside. The Hospital has paid for the shadow boxes and canvas panel boards for our artists to create a display that rotates every 6 months.
The artwork is primarily for families to see something that promotes comfort and encouragement when they cannot leave the hospital and have limited access to the outdoors while caring for their children. The paintings will also be viewed by support staff and the various medical teams and other professionals in the PICCU as well as the children themselves who are in care.  They are not available to be viewed in person by the public.


We can only accept 15 pieces: 8 horizontal and 7 vertical. Therefore not all pieces submitted can be accepted for hanging. The selection of items is not a statement on the quality of the work but rather whether it fits the requirements for this very specific display. The decision of the committee will be final. Artists whose works could not be selected are encouraged to display their pieces in one of our other venues such as Cherryhill Village Mall or Western Research Convergence Centre.


All pieces must adhere to the LHSC request for healing outdoor landscapes. They have asked for peaceful, calming, bright, inspiring and comforting outdoor views ie countryside, beaches, oceans, lakes, mountains, forests, fields etc, but not city buildings and no dark or stormy images. They have also noted they had a preference for Canadian scenery which could include wildlife in their natural setting as part of the landscape, but not animal portraits or pets.


Pick up a 16×20 canvas panel board from the Chair of the LHSC subcommittee (Aura Burditt). These panels are the ONLY format which can be utilized for this project due to challenges in the mounting and display process. Acrylic and oil are the best medium on these panel boards, but with care and preparatory coating, watercolours and alcohol inks are also possible. If you have any questions, please check with the committee prior to beginning your work.


Please submit a photo of your completed artwork by application form on the Members Only page on the LCA website. Include your name, contact information, medium, and title, no later than May 15th for the June installation, and no later than November 15 for the December installation.

The committee will review the submissions and will advise each artist by return email. Once accepted, the painting will then need to be delivered to Frame Space at 538 Adelaide St. N. for framing no later than May 30th or November 30th for the respective installations. Ensure your name, title and medium are printed on the back of the painting. The decision of the committee will be final.


Pickup instructions will be sent out by email to each artist for items coming down from the display advising the date they will be available for pickup from Frame Space (sometime in June and December respectively).


Leslie Malota and her partner at Frame Space have kindly offered to look after all the framing requirements and pickup/delivery of artworks to the hospital at each 6-month interval. We are very grateful for their generous support of this project.

Here are some of the paintings currently at the Sick Children’s Hospital PICCU (Pediatric Intensive Critical Care Unit)