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December 1 - 15, 2020

Marlene Linton

I learned to paint as a founding member of Brush and Palette. I moved to Montreal and left my painting behind. Upon my return to London I became a member of Canadian Embroiderers Guild and turned to Thread Painting and stitching. In 2019 I became a member of LCA and returned to learning watercolour painting. I find it a lovely way to relax.

Marlene’s “Nine Cherries” painting received a Judges Choice Award. Here is Marcia Pensa’s comments on this work:

Lovely contrast of red, round, shiny cherries against delicate, flat, old-fashioned lace tablecloth and the anchoring sliver of table at the bottom. It is a delight that these items are painted with a high degree of realism. The strong centre of interest is definitely the 3-d cherries, and then, the eye appreciates the juxtaposed texture of the flat lace. The interesting viewpoint, looking right down from above, and the close focus allow us to appreciate the work as an interesting composition, almost abstract in its simplicity. Lovely!

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Marlene Linton

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9 Cherries

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Marlene Linton

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