London Community Artists

2020 Art Challenges

Previous Winners for 2020:
January: Paul Uptigrove
February: Linda Rempel
March: Cancelled due to Covid-19

April: Donna Larkin
May:  Bill Stephens
June:  Wendy Jennings
July:  Tina Rae

August:  Joan Hall
September: Lisa Chiborak
October:  Wendy Pulham
November:  Marlene Linton

Topic – Flora and Fauna

WINNER:   Marlene Linton (at virtual meeting held via Zoom) on November 9, 2020


All Entries:



Topic – Changing Seasons

WINNER:   Wendy Pulham (at virtual meeting held via Zoom) on October 19, 2020


All Entries:



Topic – Action

WINNER:   Lisa Chiborak (at virtual meeting held via Zoom) on September 14, 2020


All Entries:



Topic – Light and Shadow

WINNER:   Joan Hall (at virtual meeting held via Zoom) on August 10, 2020


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Topic – Once Upon a Time

WINNER:   Tina Rae (at virtual meeting held via Zoom) on July 13, 2020


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Topic – New Beginnings – June 2020

WINNER: Wendy Jennings (at virtual meeting held via Zoom) on June 8, 2020


All Entries:




Topic – Structures – May 2020

WINNER: Bill Stephens (at virtual meeting held via Zoom) on May 11, 2020


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Topic – The Triad and its nuances – April 2020

WINNER: Donna Larkin (at virtual meeting held via Zoom on April 6, 2020

All Entries:

Triad Challenge Criteria

Choose your primary colours for the mood you want to create.
(Some example below may save you some time in experimentation, however; choosing your own triad works as long as they are toned equally)

Use only the three primaries that you chose. With these three pigments, you can make all the secondary and tertiary colours and many other nuances of the original three. All the colours your create will work! And each pallet will create a different mood.

Have lots of fun! Try other primary combinations if you have time. Remember to bring the triad combination you used and include it with your painting for the challenge on March 16.

STANDARD -new gamboge, French ultra marine, cadmium red
INTENSE – lemon yellow, phthalo blue, crimson
BRIGHT EARTH -raw Sienna, browen madder, indigo
OLD MASTERS -yellow ochre, burnt Sienna, Paynes grey
OPAQUE -yellow ochre, Indian red, cerulean blue
DELI CATE – lemon yellow light, colbalt blue, rose madder

Member Art Challenge – open to LCA members only. London Community Artists would like to invite all its members to participate in this challenge. This event is meant to inspire while also encouraging participation by all our members. Note: Each member may win only once during the calendar year but are encourages to continue showing pieces at future Challenges!

The subject is normally announced at previous meeting and is open to your interpretation of the topic. You can win a prize – submitted pieces are voted on by members in attendance by secret ballot. The painting or photo should be no bigger than 8“ X 10”. The winner will receive a small prize (probably something art related of course). Stay tuned for future challenges.



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