Xavier Wehrli

 Artist Statement

Combining the intellectual and aesthetic, my creative process consists equally of research and artistic practice, striving to fuse visual and ideological elements into one seamless product. My work originates in the inquiry of abstract theories, which are recorded and then represented through symbolism and personal affiliations. This creative process results in an allegorical quality, embedding significance within my work. Writing also plays a crucial role in my project development, as it offers a framework for deeper concept exploration and analysis.

A product of arduous self-reflection and fear-inducing existential freedom, my art illustrates an internal battle between self-loathing and acceptance. My aim is to provoke in the viewer a sense of uncomfortable connection, forcing eerie familiarity to emerge from the depths of the subconscious, like guilt resurfacing from an irreversible past.

To express these visceral themes, I embrace the rawness of ink and graphite, which enable the manipulation of dark values and organic forms. Contorting anatomy with corrugated linework and gnarled textures, I use classical drawing techniques to warp mundane objects into vessels of self-inflicted dread. My most sinister work, however, is often cloaked in cartoonish simplicity. Initially lured by bold lines and endearing subjects, the viewer then drowns in my personal abyss of consternation.

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