Sharon Hutchison

Artist Statement

As a child I loved to paint and draw in pastels, acrylic, graphite pencil and was told by my grade school teachers that there was talent there. I was sent to a local artist who would evaluate if there was talent to be developed. I was only 10 at the time and was very intimidated by the local artists art room. I went on to take art classes in my high school years and the teacher there told me I had no talent. So I dropped the paint and drawing.

Then well into my 50’s I decided to pick up that paint brush again, and this time I found myself painting abstract and was experimenting with different mediums. All of my art I have sold except a very few pieces, and it was through word of mouth with my family and friends. I am so drawn to abstract and sometimes only a couple of colors to express my feelings. I hope that you enjoy these pieces as much as my family and friends do.





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