Michelle Boyer


Michelle works primarily in acrylics and collage, abstracting the landscape and painting non-objectively. She has been painting for more than 25 years and studies at the Haliburton School of Art and Design with Toronto artists John Leonard and Steve Rose.

Artist Statement

I create for the same reason I watch a movie or read a book – so that I can see how it all turns out.
There’s a story in every painting, and a single brush stroke begins a process to uncover the story of what that canvas will become. I love watching the painting come together in its own way. I paint intuitively to infuse all the energy I can into the work, solving each problem as it arises.

I gravitate to lush, saturated high-key colours. Drips, marks and mixing on the canvas create wonderful and surprising abstract and non-objective elements. I’m not afraid to finish a painting with a piece of fabric, yarn, paper, recycled cardboard or even found items. Experimenting and playing with all aspects of the process is like being back in Grade 6 art class where everything was fun and art wasn’t so serious. And, art should be fun.

I enjoy sharing the process of how each piece came to be, the layers of energy and images that are hidden, and the decisions that were made along the way.

Website:  http://michelleboyer.ca

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