Elizabeth Maxwell


Elizabeth is a “newbie” on the art scene. Having put pencil to paper in March this year (2019) for the first time since scribbling in elementary school, she drew a recognizable face. With much surprise and delight she did another in an effort to achieve not just a face, but a face that resembled the one in the reference photo. After a few attempts, and a rather enjoyable lapse of way more time than she imagined had passed, the face of her sister in law emerged on the page before her. This moved Elizabeth to tears as her sister in law had passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer a few months earlier. She has been deeply engaged in learning to draw portraits in graphite ever since.

Elizabeth is currently exploring watercolour and acrylic painting and coloured pencil drawing. She is fortunate to have had opportunities to learn from a few members of this group already and is eager to participate now as a member herself.





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