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December 1 - 15, 2020

Charlene Tulloch

I have always loved colour and putting beautiful things together. For years my focus was combining colours in my home to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. In the past few years I have shifted my focus to painting. What started out as a hobby has become my passion.

Using a variety of tools and techniques I add texture and colour to the pieces, building layers and depth. The process is experimental and intuitive at the same time. There are no rules when I am painting and I find my best pieces reveal themselves when I am caught up in the moment and mood of the painting.
My hope is that my paintings will calm you, excite you, lift your spirits and relax your mind while allowing it to wander and ask “What else is possible?”


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Charlene’s “A Glimpse” painting (sold) received a Judges Choice Award. Here is Marcia Pensa’s comments on this work:

My regret is this work cannot be viewed physically as I am sure the surface texture of mixed media, and the play of light reflecting off the various elements enhance the effect significantly. In terms of composition, there are areas that rest the eye, such is where the large figure is on the left, areas that are busy, and areas that indeed just offer a ‘glimpse’ or a suggestion of what the object may be. All of the elements are married by a rich warm colour tone of golds, blues, and maroons and this brings a sense of unity. The interest is mainly on the surface of this art but overlapped elements and paint texture allow us to see the depth and this makes for a rich visual experience. Love the creativity most evident in this!


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Charlene Tulloch

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Blue & Umber Abstract

Alcohol Ink on Canvas
24 x 48

Charlene Tulloch

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Pink Abstract

Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36

Charlene Tulloch

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Take Me There

12 x 12

Charlene Tulloch

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Frozen Lake

Acrylic on Gallery Canvas